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Listen to The Cyclist - “Bones In Motion” (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 4, 2013

Check out the new track "The Cyclist" from Bones In Motion. The sprawling seven and a half minute cut is quirky and eclectic, with loop-based drum machine rhythms minimal ambient keyboard melodies. The tension is perfect, like a speedball for your musical soul. It's part of a full-length release due out on Stones Throw Records on March 26.

"Bones in Motion, the Northern Ireland hailing producer's latest full-length exercise, is dance music Leaving Records style - thoroughly busted techno for the post-punk demo tape set," says Leaving Records about the release, adding "On a blurry path between house music's early analog experiments and astounding vistas in modern digital production, you will hear ghostly wisps of woozy trance, distorted and dazzling, cooing through a thick haze of warbling warmth and soulful, revolving resonance."

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Big Data:
Artist: Bones In Motion
Album: Cyclist
Song: Cyclist
Recording Label: Leaving Records / Stones Throw Records
Media type: Soundcloud

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