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Listen to Wax Idols - “Sound of a Void” (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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March 5, 2013


The noisy noise pop on the Wax Idols song "Sound of A Void" is exactly the kind of sound you'd hear at last weekend's Noise Pop Music Festival in San Francisco, as a matter of fact the band was there playing a show with DIIV, Sisu and Lenz. The song is deep and is sort of a post-punk take on noise pop -- loud and brash guitars subdued with chorus effects and reverb with delay. Yet it also has a sort of 80's vibe to it, this really could have found a home in London during the new wave movement.

It's from the album "Discipline & Desire," due out March 26 via Slumberland Records. Its counterpart "AD RE:IAN" is more cosmic and slowed down, and a more introspective song to start that builds in intensity to end up as pop song tornado.

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