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Listen to Krista - “Space Tom Test” (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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March 5, 2013


James Pants and Vex Ruffin are collaborating on an indie pop project called Krista. There's no formal intention of of full music thing, side project or anything here beyond a 45 single on Stones Throw Records. The song is tight and the vibe is stellar. Check out the turntable video with the b-side "I Told You Man, I Carry A Gun" below and the vinyl is available now on Stones Throw Records. Vex Ruffin works the vocals and guitar, James Pants plays everything else, and Peanut Butter Wolf does the production duties.

James Singleton, a.k.a. James Pants, is a proginator and provacatuer of electronic music with elements of hip-hop, funk, electro and more. Vex Ruffin is a different cat of different sorts, he's more of a straight-up garage rock, punk-indie rock kind of sound. He's also into much more experimental stuff ... Peter Murphy and New Order are cited as influences, but most of his music is direct and literal. Check out an MP3 of his song “Same Thing Tomorrow.”

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