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Watch Animal Collective Radio (CHz Radio)
By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 5, 2013
VIDEO: Animal Collective Radio

Animal Collective Radio is going live again in advance of the Animal Collective tour that's happening with Dan Deacon, and once again the always innovative Creators Project has released new videos taken from Animal Collective Radio with the songs "Moonjock, "Mercury Man," "Applesauce" and "Monkey Riches." They released three live performance videos from Terminal 5 in New York earlier this week.

The Creators Project describes Abbey Portner's approach the Animal Collective Radio visuals: "Portner conceived a gigantic cosmic mouth, a recurring theme throughout the visual components that go along with the album. Using the rotoscoping technique (animating and effecting over actual footage), Portner brought Centipede Hz‘s mouth motif to life, which also serves as the live performance environment for Animal Collective’s current tour. Hear all four radio transmissions and stream three of the album's tracks with Portner's custom visuals on Animal Collective Radio."

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