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Listen to Listen to Low - The Invisible Way (Full Album Stream) (Streaming Music)

Listen to Low - The Invisible Way (Full Album Stream)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 11, 2013
New music arrives from from Low next week when their album The Invisible Way gets released on Sub Pop Records on on Mar. 18/19. Mimi Parker sings lead vocals on five of the songs, and the album overall hits up big, heady issues like class warfare, intimacy, big war-type wars, love, the war on drugs .... oh and archeology. There was a good love-war-love thing going until they threw in archaeology, but I guess every album needs a curveball.

NPR Music is hosting the full album stream from Low, and this is what they said about the current low down: "But that seemingly limited framework still provides ample room for experimentation: Low can be a sweetly chiming pop band, or it can seethe and unsettle with an almost industrial buzz. It can express emotion by drawing out the barest fragment of a phrase, or it can expound thoughtfully on life, death, secrecy, war and the way humanity collides with itself."

STREAM: Low - The Invisible Way (Full Album)

Listen to Low - “So Blue” (MP3 Download)

Listen to Low - “Just Make It Stop” (MP3 Download)

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Big Data:
Artist: Low
Album: The Invisible Way
Recording Label: Sub Pop Records
Media type: NPR Music

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