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Red Bull Accelerator Gives Your Music Startup Wings

Red Bull Accelerator Gives Your Music Startup Wings


By: Corey Tate
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March 11, 2013


Red Bull wants to do more than give wings to your music tech startup -- it wants to accelerate your startup. It announced today the launch of "Red Bull Amplifier," a chance for you to tap into Red Bull's massive audience via social media channels and its popular Red Bull website. "Whatever your idea, whatever you need, Red Bull Amplifier is here to plug you directly into any or all of our music properties and channels. So you can maximise your audience and reach your potential," reads the announcement at its shiny new Red Bull Amplifier website.

It gives you the in on all of the big time Red Bull properties: Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Culture Clash, Red Bull Studios and more. You can apply at the Red Bull website and they'll review the submissions and create a short list of final startups. You have until Apr. 22. The panel includes people like musician Ghostpoet, SoundCloud & Music Hack Day guy Dave Haynes, tech writer Ciara Byrne and more. Find out more about submission guidelines and get your music start up amplified
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