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Listen to Helado Negro - Invisible Life (Full Album w/ Visuals)


By: Corey Tate
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March 14, 2013


It's all about the eye candy these days. It's reminsicent of the early 2000's when visualizers were de rigeur -- the kind of randomly generated color bursts created by programming code that read a sound in real time. Today's visualizers are more subtle, with Pitchfork Advance doing their take on the album liner notes experience with moving images, or Atoms For Peace doing a live crowdsourcing of websites that previewed their new album.

Helado Negro's “Ilumina Vos” ran on Spacelab last week and this week brings the entire album from his label Asthmatic Kitty, who chose YouTube to drop a full album preview with visuals, which you can check out in the player above. The album is out now.

Helado Negro (aka Roberto C. Lange) uses loops, samples and field recordings to work into a composition, and will just as easily hack an idea apart as he will preserve it. "This music is about so much, and it might take some time for everyone to listen to it. I'm not in a rush, I want you to hear it at the right time." he said about his approach.

Asthmatic Kitty rounds that out with "I think it’s best to read into that name, to put it right up against yourself. It’s walking alone when you’re walking with someone else. Roberto Carlos Lange enters the room before his body does. Like light, like sound, like every single thing that travels on its own wavelength. As long as I’ve known him, he’s done what he wants. Not that Roberto, like the best artists, ever had a choice."

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Big Data:
Artist: Helado Negro
Recording Label: Asthamatic Kitty
Media type: YouTube

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