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Listen to The Smoking Trees - “Persuaded Rendezvous” (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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March 19, 2013


The always ample and amazing Ample Play Records brings us the next phase of the post-Brian Jonestown Massacre generation with The Smoking Trees. The 60's psych scene is alive and well with the Smoking Trees, and "Persuaded Rendezvous" becomes an indie pop look at how that translates today, and it's from the album Acetates due out on May 6. The Smoking Trees are from LA, and consist of Sir Psych and L.A AL, who went on to create The Smoking Trees from the ashes of their previous band.

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Big Data:
Album: Acetates
Song: Persuaded Rendezvous
Recording Label: Ample Play
Media type: SoundCloud

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