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Efterklang Get Welcomed to Minnesota With Snow, And Cancel Their Minneapolis Show


By: Corey Tate
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March 20, 2013


The poor guys in eclectic indie band Efterklang were welcomed to a late-Winter snowfall in Minnesota this week, traveling from Fargo to Minneapolis while being forced to cancel their show at the fantastic Cedar Cultural Center due to impassible roads in the Minnesota outback. What, no snowmobiles guys? They offered a hilarious "Weather Report" via YouTube, with the snow falling and apologizing for canceling the show. They look really cold. Rassmussen said "We are right in the epicenter of the storm ... it's a very big front coming in" while comically trying to pull out a map that almost blows away in the wind. Too bad about the cancelled show, but they'll be back when the climate is more hospitable.

And not to beat up on you guys too badly for freaking at our little snowstorm this week, but you should have been here during *Winter* when the really bad weather happens. ;>

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