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Watch Telekinesis - “Ghosts and Creatures” (Music Video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 20, 2013

New music arrives from Telekinesis (a.k.a. Michael Benjamin Lerner) on Apr. 2 with the album Dormarion, his third album for Merge Records. Self-described as a minimalist, Telekinesis has a sort of indie pop-leaning sound with some similarity to the Elephant 6 Collective bands. His self-titled debut album on Merge Records was produced by Chris Walla. He wrote the music for Dormarion last year in both the San Juan Islands and Seattle (talk about polar opposites) before heading over to Austin for the end run.

The inspiration for the album title came from where he recorded it -- at Spoon drummer Jim Eno's studio in Austin, TX. It's called Public Hi-Fi, and it resides at none other than a road named Dormarion Lane. Lerner dug the name and went so far as to Google it. Only the street name cam up as a result.

“It’s a beautiful-sounding word, and if you Google it, nothing but this one tiny street comes up. No origin, no description. I can’t tell you what the word means. It’s like something from Lost,” said Lerner.

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