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REVIEW: Mudhoney - Vanishing Point

REVIEW: Mudhoney - Vanishing Point

By: Jeff Daily
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March 20, 2013

Who knew Mudhoney had another album in them? The original grunge kids have grown up but refused to turn their amps down. Mudhoney's new album, Vanishing Point, isn't a deviation or an exact return, but a set of tunes that make their point without fuss (just old garage-rock power). The fuzz is still super and the muff is still big.

Mark Arm's Iggy screech-to-a-howl vocal style hasn't aged so much as it has been tamed. On the album, rocker after rocker, Arm and co. do what they do best which is blast through a simple lyrical statement and throw down distorted riffs. I'm quite pleased to tell you the tunes here are good. Nothing on the record will live life forever after as "the best of," but still the loose -rock manner of the band is solid as a freakout Nuggets-style needs to be.

"I Like it Small" and the jolt of a jam "Chardonnay" prove that the guys in mud haven't let middle age slow them down. They sound filthy, funky, and (as usual for these Seattleites) like they're having fun (check: "Douchebags on Parade"). When they bring their mayhem to the stage, I can definitely hear the songs on Vanishing Point recklessly colliding with older classics.

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