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Listen to Cold Cave - “People Are Poison” (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 20, 2013

Experimental, darkwave and dark synthpop fans can get psyched over the fact that new music from Cold Cave is happening ... the Cold Cave Oceans With No End EP has been announced and will be released on Deathwish Records. The song "People Are Poison" is a strong one, even for a b-side. The synth riffs come off sounding like distorted guitar chords, and the driving force of the song is infectuous. Industrial and late 80's dark new wave are the influences here, and if you dig The Knife, Fever Ray, or any of the early Nine Inch Nails back catalog this is right up your alley. The project is the alter ego or front name for Wesley Eisold and the follow up to last year's Cold Cave "A Little Death To Laugh" 7" single.

Recording label Deathwish says "title track "Oceans With No End" uses upbeat electronics to create a melodious wash for Eisold's pensive vocals to tread within. While B-side "People Are Poison" plods forth with an angry swagger in direct juxtaposition to the title track's driving urgency. Together they are a blindingly beautiful example of morose music at its very best."

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Big Data:
Artist: Cold Cave
Album: Oceans With No End EP
Song: People Are Poison
Recording Label: Deathwish
Media type: YouTube

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