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Watch Phosphorescent - “Song For Zula” (Music Video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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March 27, 2013

The excellent new Phosphorescent album Muchaho was released last week, and the video for “Song For Zula” was just released via Dead Oceans an NPR Music.

After Matthew Houck completed his tour of Here's To Taking It Easy in 2011, he set out to do two things: not do the album / tour cycle right away and move in a different direction and creative process for the next album. Instead of writing songs, he started making sounds. "They weren't songs, they were just strange sound pieces. I've always had that element in my work, and one or two weird, ambient pieces seem to squeeze themselves onto every record, but suddenly I was doing a lot of those."

Spacelab writer Jeff Daily reviewed Muchacho and said "Gorgeous record friends...that's my immediate impression after two times through Muchacho, the latest album by Phosphorescent (Matthew Houck). The record has it all, country-rock, folk-pop, psychedelic sing-alongs, and many more signifiers that don't require hyphens. Let me put it this way, Muchacho is a good way to kick-off spring." Check out the full review.

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