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Listen to Hausu - “Leaning Mess” (MP3 Download)

Listen to Hausu - “Leaning Mess” (MP3 Download)


By: Corey Tate
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March 28, 2013


Timeless music ... they might be calling this post-rock for the need to put a label on it, but different parts of this song invoke completely different eras and genres. It starts out like the kind of 70's rock you could hear on FM radio, but it also gets into post-punk turns before heading off into post-rock and even punk sounds reminiscent of the early Sebadoh thrashings. It works well ... somehow Hausu ties it all together into the same song.

MP3: Hausu - "Leaning Mess"

The band is from Portland, so they've naturally found a home on Seattle's Hardly Art Records, and will release their album Total on June 25th. The band worked with Dylan Wall in the community art space YU Contemporary in Portland (so very punk of them) to record the music -- YU's claim to fame is that Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca was done there.

Hausu have committed this as a manifesto: "We’ve thought a lot about rock-music. One selects one’s influences and moves from there, a process made simpler in the networked age. The result often resembles a collage, unified by the aesthetic leanings of its maker. Music writers and peers in conversation map out the references and citations made by their favorite new bands – “just like early SST punk” or “frigid cold-wave resembling…” "

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Big Data:
Artist: Hausu
Album: Total
Song: Leaning Mess
Recording Label: Hardly Art
Media type: MP3

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