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Listen to Autechre - Exai (Full Album)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 1, 2013

Experimental IDM act Autechre released Exai at the beginning of March, a new album of 17 tracks on Warp Records. Now they've made Exai available for streaming in full, which should set everyone up great on a Monday morning ... THE WEEKEND'S OVER, IT'S TIME TO FOCUS AND GET MOVING WITH AUTECHRE. If this can't help everyone shake off the weekend, nothing can.

That's the album cover above, and it's available in download, CD and 180 gram vinyl. Warp Records has more info on the packaging, which was done up by the infamous Designers Republic. Exai is the 11th Autechre album and the follow up to Oversteps. The album name seems to stem from the roman numeral XI, which phonetically is Exai.

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Big Data:
Artist: Autechre
Album: Exai
Recording Label: Warp Records
Media type: YouTube

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