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Listen to EmptyMansions - “Down By The River” (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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April 2, 2013


Sam Fogarino of Interpol has a new project called EmptyMansions, and he's just released a very gothic take on the classic Neil Young song "Down By The River." It's hauntingly portrayed with a chorus of vocals that drive a sort of hell-meets-Neil-Young-in-an-old-school-castle kind of way, in slow motion. The effect is superb.

It's from the new album snakes/vultures/sulfate, which is out now on Riot House Records. EmptyMansions includes Duane Denison on guitar from Jesus Lizard and according to its press release has a wide range of influences: "Sam drew upon classic heavyweights; Neil Young (The closing track on snakes is a cover of "Down By The River"), The Stones, Zeppelin—filtered through his affinity with the likes of Sonic Youth and Pixies."

Check out the Thurston Moore-influenced vocals on the song "Lyra" ... there's a bit of a Sonic Youth and noise influence here -- it's definitely different than the tightly proccessed Interpol workouts. This feels more loose and free flowing.

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