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Listen to Sun Angle - “Raspberry” (Streaming Music)


By: Corey Tate
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April 3, 2013


New-psych Portland band Sun Angle have a screaming new song with "Raspberry." It's an exploration of depth of sound and reverb, tweaked out with influences as far ranging as SST records and Cumbia music -- "PSYCHEDELIC CUMBIA PUNK" is the heading in their Twitter page. It's complete psychedelic indie pop chaos with lots of pent-up energy, and that energy unfolds on the song "Raspberry." Then, they break it down into an almost Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine-meets-Echoes style space to wind out the song, it's incredible.

They definitely get heady with the approach -- check out how their label New Moss Records describes them as: "Known and loved for their irreverent, expressive, spontaneous live shows—full of aggressive elation and gritty, raucous, surreal layers of sound—the Portland trio channels that same epic, improvisational energy into their debut album. Produced by Danny Seim (Menomena), Diamond Junk was recorded in a brief blip of space-time in a cabin lurking in the depths of Zigzag, Oregon—musical immersion marked by the creative abandon of all-night psychotropic inspiration and oblique strategies."

Sun Angle will release their album Diamond Junk on New Moss Records on May 7th. Check out a bonus track from the album with Time Snakes:

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Artist: Sun Angle
Song: Raspberry
Recording Label: New Moss Records
Media type: NAME

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