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Serengeti Will Drop A New Album With The Kenny Dennis Persona

Serengeti Will Drop A New Album With The Kenny Dennis Persona

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 3, 2013

There's a new Serengeti album coming ... it's called Kenny Dennis and it arrives on June 25 from Anticon Records. It even includes some of the Anticon crew with Odd Nosdam, Jel & Anders Holm.

Kenny Dennis is an alter-ego that Serengeti dreamed up for his previous album, it's a "hilarious, absurdist, and subtly humane saga of a Chicago-born man with a Mike Ditka mustache" according to Anticon, and Kenny is a big Brian Dennehy fan. So Kenny's old school.

“Kenny’s just telling current stories. He wants to give people a heads up and offer some life advice. ‘Hey listen up to me, I’m wise.’ He’s getting more confident, even though he always was confident,” said Serengeti. Check out the advance track "Directions" below.

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