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Kode9 Gets A Compilation -- He's Doing the next Rinse Compilation Called Rinse:22

Kode9 Gets A Compilation -- He's Doing the next Rinse Compilation Called Rinse:22

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 4, 2013

Kode9 has been tapped to compile the new Rinse FM compilation, Rinse:22. The list includes Burial, Theo Parrish, DJ Rashad, Rustie,DJ Manny and more, not forget Kode9 himself with “Xingfu Lu,” “Uh” and “Kan.” 37 tracks in all (peep the track list below) and it will be released on May 20th with a release party in London on May 24th at a "secret" location.

Rinse:22 will include items from Rinse FM’s Hyperdub show as well as his current DJ set, which is to say a lot of variety. Kode9 drops science by saying “The hip-hop and footwork has all got that double time thing – a slow bass underpinning, with those double time drums and percussion on top – that I used to love in jungle. It’s weird, ’cause when people talk about hip hop and footwork these days, they tend to get infatuated with it being functional music, club music and street music. Which is all true, but what’s more interesting is how rhythmically sophisticated it is, compared with most music that’s around these days.”

Check out the one of the Rinse:22 tracks with Kode9's "Xingfu Lu ."

Kode9 - Rinse:22 Track List
1 Burial - Truant
2 Theo Parrish - Kites on Pluto
3 Morgan Zarate feat. Roses Gabor - Pusher Taker
4 Titonton- Spread
5 Alex Parkinson & Chris Lorenzo - What Must I Prove 2 U
6 Joy O - Big Room Tech House DJ Tool – TIP!
7 Funkystepz - Vice Versa
8 Terror Danjah & Champion - Stone Island
9 DVA - Chilli Burrito
10 Champion - Friday 13th
11 Jam City – Her
12 Kode9 – Uh
13 Kuedo - Mirtazapine
14 Visionist - Something Old Something New
15 Dexplicit - Change Formation
16 Faze Miyake - Burciaga
17 The Bug feat. Flow Dan - Dirty
18 Dexplicit - Wave Machine
19 Cashmere Cat - Aurora
20 Rustie - Triadzz
21 Terror Danjah - Sam Cro
22 S-Type - Flyp City
23 Kode9 - Xingfu Lu
24 RP Boo - Steamidity
25 RP Boo - Red Hot
26 DJ Manny - Work That Body
27 Kode9 - Kan
28 DJ Rashad - Rollin
29 Unconventional Science - 8 Shots Up (Bleep Bloop Remix)
30 DJ Rashad feat. DJ Earl - Freshtek
31 DJ Rashad - Brighter Days
32 Sam Binga & Addison Groove - 11th (Dub)
33 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - Last Winter
34 DJ Rashad & Freshmoon - Everybody
35 DJ Rashad & DJ Manny - Way I Feel
36 DJ Rashad & Phil - Everyday of My Life
37 DJ Rashad - Let It Go


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