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Listen to Iron and Wine - Ghost On Ghost (Full Album)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 8, 2013

The new Iron and Wine album Ghost on Ghost is streaming in full a week ahead of its release. Check it out in full courtesy of NPR Music. It's the new free Sam Beam, as he has said that his approach to Ghost On Ghost was a lot more open and less tension-filled than his previous albums. He used the words "anxious tension" to describe the experience of previous albums.

“This record felt like a reward to myself after the way I went about making the last few,” he said.

The result is a free-flowing vibe that sounds more opening and less forced. Gone are the tightly orchestrated Iron and Wine workouts and in their place are songs that are reminscent of the 19070's rock and and soft rock portrayed in the modern day. If you dig it, check him out on tour.

NPR Music said this: "A dozen years into a career with few missteps, Beam still lets his songs and sound morph and evolve; more than ever, he's a songwriter versatile enough to pack huge ideas into simple arrangements and vice versa."

Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost Track List
1. Caught in the Briars
2. The Desert Babbler
3. Joy
4. Low Light Buddy of Mine
5. Graces for Saints and Ramblers
6. Grass Windows
7. Singers and the Endless Song
8. Sundown (Back in the Briars)
9. Winter Prayers
10. New Mexico’s No Breeze
11. Lovers’ Revolution
12. Baby Center Stage

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Big Data:
Album: Ghost On Ghost
Recording Label: 4AD
Media type: NPR Music Embed

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