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New Skinny Puppy Album Weapon: Electro, New Wave, Industrial

New Skinny Puppy Album Weapon: Electro, New Wave, Industrial

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 9, 2013

Skinny Puppy are takin' a STAND, man, a stand against glorifying gun culture and the effect it has with their new album Weapon. The best news here is probably that a new Skinny Puppy album is on the way from the forefathers of the industrial scene, but the message rings clear today. Weapon will be released via Metropolis Records on May 28.

“Every action and thought, conceived then carried out; whether political, physical or spiritual, has the potential to cause harm and misery; just as the same action, not underwritten with fear and misinformation, but carried by only positive intent would have the opposite effect,” said Ogre about the intent behind the message.

They're promising a focus on the things that made Skinny Puppy great: electro, new wave, industrial, and rock to make the distinctive and immediately identifiable Skinny Puppy sound.

“We had some talk about doing an album with only the tools available at that earlier period of '83,” said Ogre. “What became clear, however, was a need to get back to simple and direct song writing with strong abstract themes that correlate to the deeper concepts within the recording.”

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