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REVIEW: City Light - Memory Guide

REVIEW: City Light - Memory Guide

By: Jude Huzicko
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April 10, 2013
What should you expect from the Memory Guide, the sophomore release from City Light? Expect the unexpected. Multi-instrumentalists and producers Matt Shaw and Nick Andre have no genre they fit into, or mold they confine themselves to. Their music and lyrics are filled with meaning, every track with deliberate, intentional contradictions between the music and the lyrics. Between the catchy up-tempo electronic sounds are lyrics of loathing and disdain, lulling you into a well-crafted story about how love means more than the material things we cling to.

What Memory Guide does best is keep you on your toes. It embraces influences from guitar-driven indie rock on “Sweet Death” to throwbacks with an almost Portishead feel to them on “Blurry Vision.” At first Memory Guide might sound simplistic, but with each listen it leads you down a path of diversity, rich layers, and forlorn stories. From track to track you’ll hear a soft-spoken ballad, the next, you'll want to drive with the top down on a convertible and smile as the weight of the world leaves your body.

For people that like Phantogram, Ola Podrida, Electric President, Bjork, Eels.


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