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Andy Cato From Groove Armada Is Doing A Solo Album: Times & Places

Andy Cato From Groove Armada Is Doing A Solo Album: Times & Places

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 15, 2013

Andy Cato has been working on solo album. For 12 years. No joke. It's something that he always moved back to, in no hurry to complete, more an effort of just writing music over time and putting it aside. A traveling musician has a lot of down time on his hands, and Andy wrote the solo album, called Times & Places, in a series of "tour buses, planes, trains, backstage areas, hotel rooms and airport lounges," so the title is true to form. It should be a great overview of the influence that Cato had on the Groove Armada sound over the years, from personal point of view to how that evolved over time.

“ I was traveling back from a gig recently and I had an idea for a tune . I was just jotting it down and I thought, ‘I’ve been doing this for ages, I wonder where all the others are?” said Andy about the spark for the album idea. “So I went to find the remaining fragments and try and put them together. Everyone of these songs immediately takes me back to a place and a time where it all happened.”

Times & Places is due out on Apr. 29th via Apollo Records in a variety of digital forms ... he's also promising a "cheeky" vinyl announcement in the future, so the vinyl nation can rest assured that Andy hasn't solely gone the digital way of the web. Check out more from the album in the player below ... and hit the Andy Cato web site for more on Times & Places.

Andy Cato - Times & Places Track List
01 Intro (Remnants Of Track 17, Take 1)
02 South Of Mexico City
03 Abbey Road Jam
04 The Coastal Path
05 Florence To Rome
06 Sunrise Sant Agnes
07 Moscow To St Petersburg By Train
08 Together Is The Word
09 Lake Of Stars
10 8 Track Jam At Marks
11 Rainfalls (Toulouse)
12 Back from Castlemorton
13 Palmero By Night
14 Woodstock
15 Whose Groove?
16 Rear Window
17 North From Montparnasse
18 7am Drop

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