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Watch WON - “Face Simmetry” (Music Video)


By: Corey Tate
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April 16, 2013


Independent film producers, get on this for your next film score. Finnish DJ/Producer Marco Ricci has a project called WON that's his solo project for "electronic influences and raw punk repetitions" as recording label Ample Play Records puts it. It's a nice take on glitch techno and a break from Ricci's more well-known project Casa del Mirto. His video for "Face Simmetry" is a deep dive into addiction, using heroin addiction as the symbol of the financial crisis ... working as if crisis-response-crisis is a metaphor for the jones-fix-jones state of addiction. But the Fed can always print more money! That's the economic fix, until the next crisis.

The video is exquisitely shot with the utmost detail, regailing the main character to a straightjacket while charts and graphs and heart rate monitors move behind him, being pulled by a long noose into the next escapade.

Check out he sampler below also, it includes "Face Simmetry" song along with The Smokers Remix and the song "Expansions."

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Big Data:
Directed by: Stefano Belluma

With: WON

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