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Twitter #Music Is #Now Playing

Twitter #Music Is #Now Playing


By: Corey Tate
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April 18, 2013


As tipped earlier this week, Twitter Music has gone live. They're actually calling it Twitter #Music, and it's a free app with all things music, and even focuses on Tweets about music from artists you follow. It's at music.twitter.com and has a much more visual layout than the usual Twitter timeline, a dominant trend this year in web design.

It lets you play music from these artists without leaving the page, and you can even tweet what you're playing with the ever-popular #nowplaying hashtag. It's tightly integrated with iTunes, playing the song as an iTunes preview and letting you connect to buy the song or album. You can also choose Spotify or Rdio as your default music service for playback. If you let it play continuously, it will just run through the top 100 in order. You can also switch to complete song mode if you don't want the preview mode.

Another cool feature is that it gives you five different modes for laying out the tracks in front of you ... 1) "Popular" for the most played artists, 2) "Emerging" for independent and underground music that's rising in popularity, 3) "Suggested" that's based on the music you've listened to the most in the past, 4) #NowPlaying based on the music that people you follow have shared and 5) "Me" for only artists you follow. Through all of these, Twitter hopes to give you a lot of options for sorting through the feed overload. It seems to work well after a quick test drive.

It's worth mentioning that you can experience Twitter #Music in two different ways: the web version by just going to the Twitter Music page at music.twitter.com or by downloading the Twitter Music app for your mobile device. Hit the Twitter Blog for more infomation or just dive into the web version and just listen.

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