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Listen to Maps - “I Heard Them Say” (Streaming Music)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 22, 2013
The new song “I Heard Them Say” from Maps is off the upcoming album Vicissitude, due out on Aug. 7 on Mute Records. It’s the project of James Chapman, who’s been creating and releasing  shoegaze and dream pop-inspired electronic music since 2007. The My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized crowd will find as much to like here as the Chemical Brothers and Boards of Canada people.

Disguised as a moody and seething song, the end of “I Heard Them Say” sees a great rise and flourish of keyboard modulations, building in intensity. It’s a nice finish that’s not too over the top or too weak in its approach. It’s always good when an artist knows when to hold back just a bit to leave the audience wanting more, and Maps does that here. It’s also a bright finish to a brooding song.

Check out the album teaser below, anyone who preorders Vicissitude gets an immediate download and song parts to start creating your own Maps remixes.


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Big Data:
Artist: Maps
Recording Label: Mute Records
Media Type: YouTube
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