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The Knife Tour: Everything You Ever Thought Possible

The Knife Tour: Everything You Ever Thought Possible

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 22, 2013
The Knife definitely know how to go all out on a creative bender. Their new tour will include elements like an absurdist aerobics class called “Deep Aerobics” and Danceoke as part of the pre-show with a focus on making as many things happen in a night as humanly possible. In addition to the Knife performing, you’ll get a performance from Cool Pans (the biggest steel band in Sacnadanavia), DJ sets from various people based on the city of the show, DANCEOKE with ÖFA-KOLLEKTIVET, and more; oh yeah ... it also includes a performance from The Knife. Here’s what they said to lay it all out:

“We, The Knife, will be performing live. We will be there, on stage, all seven of us, sometimes all ten of us, or even more. We have worked hard, together. Things, ideas, concepts have been tried, tested, discarded, evolved, perfected and discarded again.”

“DEEP AEROBICS is a workout form invented and shamelessly disseminated by Miguel Gutierrez, who hopes to soon destroy the technique, because it’s just too hard to teach, and really the world is going to hell in a hand basket anyway. It is the communal/political/conceptual/imaginational workout experience you always wanted but never could embarrass yourself enough to find or do in public,” they said in their announcement today. Read it, there's more than just what's posted here.

Check out a review of the latest Knife album Shaking The Habitual.

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