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Get Yer DJ On With Grooveshark’s New Broadcast Feature

Get Yer DJ On With Grooveshark’s New Broadcast Feature


By: Corey Tate
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April 23, 2013

All of you John Peel wannabes, Pump Of The Volume fans, or anyone who has wanted to start your own online radio, Grooveshark’s your new bud. Grooveshark wants to be the YouTube of the online radio world, giving you an outlet and means to get yer DJ on with your own Broadcast radio station. They’re launching a new feature called Broadcast tomorrow, and that’s just what it will do ... give you the ability to broadcast live and in real time and publish it the web.

It has a real-time chat that lets you connect in your Twitter and Facebook accounts, it suggests music for your playlist and lets you create a custom radio station based on the music you want. You also have the option broadcasting live on the fly or creating a playlist that you can offer up in a live broadcast setting.

"We're excited to launch the first ever truly democratized radio platform, and look forward to seeing web DJ's grow into celebrities the way YouTube has created homegrown video celebrities,” said Grooveshark’s CEO Sam Tarantino, adding “If the 20th century was characterized by terrestrial radio DJ’s, the 21st century will be characterized by viral radio DJ's and homegrown web personalities."

I reached out to Grooveshark for more information (the above is from the press release) and found out how the idea for the Broadcast feature came about. This is what Sam told me: “Some of our employees immediately near me in our New York office have really great music taste and I kept shouting from across the room asking what songs they were playing. After a while it became evident that the majority of the music I've saved/favorited came from friends or coworkers. Then it became a question of why is everyone pushing machine generated radio when 9 times out of 10 we are discovering from our friends? That is when it turned into ‘Wait! What if anyone in the world could make a radio show?’"

And so Broadcast was born. Right now you can only record 30 second spots via your microphone, something Grooveshark plans on extending after the launch goes smoothly. They’ll also release it to their HTML5 mobile apps in the future. Think of that ... mobile online radio from wherever you want to broadcast out in the wild. This hasn’t been done like that since Christian Slater took his radio signal to his Jeep in the movie Pump Up the Volume. This will save you the trip to Radio Shack (and the Jeep).

I asked Sam what his favorite scene in Pump Up The Volume is based on this notion, and given the legal challenges he and Grooveshark have faced. He replied that he’d never seen the movie, but checked it out on IMDB and then told me that he’s now adding it to his Netflix queue. Irony noted.

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