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Listen to Tricky - “Does It” Remix w/ Francesca Belmonte & “Nothing’s Changed”


By: Corey Tate
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April 24, 2013


Tricky just put some of the music from his upcoming album False Idols (out May 28), which is also the name of the label he's started as an imprint of German label K7! Records. The songs here are “Does It,” Nothings Changed” and the Does It remix, mixed by Tricky himself. “Does It” is a punch to the gut, with Tricky’s low-guttural vocal stylings providing a polar opposite the sweetness in the vocals of Francesca Belmonte. She’s reminiscent of Martina Topley-Bird in some ways, completely her own in other ways. It’s dark and sinister, like the underbelly of some of the songs on Pre-Millenium Tension. The remix (third track) ends with a steady driving and pounding rhythm, a nice touch.

“Nothing’s Changed” sometimes feels like a throwback to the Tricky Genaside II remix of the song “For Real,” in which Tricky does a cinematic portrayal of both the music and the lyrics, which are about a DJ with a record deal and ins and outs of what comes with that.

Other guest appearances on False Idols include Fifi Rong, Nneka and Peter Silberman. What's exciting this time around is not just a return to his roots, but a return to his vision. Tricky has stopped trying to fulfill others expectations and just set out to make the music that comes naturally to him. This is what he did on the legendary Maxinquaye, perhaps his best known album. Check out more streaming music on the Spacelab Media Player.

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