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Spacelab Retrograde: The Clash - London Calling - Full Album Stream


By: Corey Tate
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April 25, 2013


As 1979 faded into 1980, there were new experimentations happening in underground music that would have a long-term effect on the way we all see music today. The Clash were at the forefront of that and were just releasing their seminal album London Calling. What probably seemed like an indecisive album of myriad musical influences would end up being a template for bands to experiment with different styles and genres. Punk. Rockabilly. Dub. Socially-conscious political music. In an age when most bands had the label of being a “rock” band or “jazz” or “blues,” The Clash were clearly *doing it all wrong* by the day’s standards, but if The Clash were wrong then I don’t wanna be right!

What they walked away with on London Calling was one of the most incredible albums and combinations of styles as the punk era gave way to post-punk. The mysterious opener “London Calling” is a creepy tale of the London underbelly and poor social and political climate (and shockingly used as the advertising music for the 2012 Olympics in London, with lyrics like “London is drowning and I live by the river” WTF). “Brand New Cadillac” changes gears and goes upbeat good vibes and rockabilly, rocking us forward. Songs like “Lost In The Supermarket” still have a friendly and warm tone to them (that chorus!) no matter how much Classic Rock radio has tried to burn them out with overplay. “Clampdown” brings in good punk vibes. Guns of Brixton was all dub and political but such a good time. I won’t break them all down here, but what an album. Enjoy, and this one requires volume.

The Clash - London Calling Track List
01 - London Calling 00:00
02 - Brand New Cadillac 03:20
03 - Jimmy Jazz 05:28
04 - Hateful 09:23
05 - Rudie Can't Fail 12:07
06 - Spanish Bombs 15:36
07 - The Right Profile 18:55
08 - Lost In The Supermarket 22:50
09 - Clampdown 26:37
10 - The Guns Of Brixton 30:26
11 - Wrong 'Em Boyo 33:36
12 - Death Or Glory 36:47
13 - Koka Kola 40:42
14 - The Card Cheat 42:30
15 - Lover's Rock 46:19
16 - Four Horsemen 50:22
17 - I'm Not Down 53:18
18 - Revolution Rock 56:24
19 - Train In Vain 01:01:58

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Spacelab Retrograde: The Clash - London Calling - Full Album Stream

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