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Crystal Castles - “Affection” - Video

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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April 29, 2013

The new Crystal Castles video for the song “Affection,” off the album III which was released last year. It almost looks VHS -like in its quality, with the horizontal moire lines and wavy artifacts. In our digital age video artifacts are boxy and pixelated, but in the analog VHS tape era there were noisy bars and waves.

Spacelab writer Alex Ramirez reviewed the album, saying “While there are times that (III) treads into a gray area of streamlined power-pop in “Affection,” Crystal Castles often reverts to its old mantra of cacophonic noise in, “Insulin.” There is a cancerous state of aggression that palpates throughout the whole album, as stabbing synths and screeching vocals tear away any remnants of hope or lightness.: Read the full review, or check out the album below.

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Big Data:
Album: III
Song: Affection
Recording Label: Last Gang
Media Type: YouTube

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