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REVIEW: Iggy & The Stooges - Ready To Die

REVIEW: Iggy & The Stooges - Ready To Die

By: Jeff Daily
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April 30, 2013
No. Please, stop. Oh...c'mon...really, another Stooges album? Ready to Die should be just another middle of the road Iggy Pop solo album (easy enough to Ignore...right?), but instead the kick ass history of one of the best bands of all time (The Stooges late 60s-early 70s RIP...) is slapped on the cover a truly boring record. This time we're "treated" to a sorta-RAW POWER era-reunion (plus the spectacular Mike Watt on bass...I have to say he deserves to have fun with this more than anyone). James Williamson is back on lead guitar and to be quite honest his playing sounds pretty decent. It's the songs that are terrible.

From the surface to the meat this album is a disappointment. The cover art looks like either a mid-90s Ig album pic or a Gap ad gone wrong. Then we turn up the volume and surprise, surprise the "Stooges" are loud, riff monsters. Unfortunately these guys are trying way, way too hard to sound like the classic band whose name they've purloined. Iggy's lyrical concerns are of no greater depth. He takes on the economy in "Job" and violence in "Gun" and the title tune with all the insight of someone who doesn't read the news stories in full, just the headlines. True, Iggy's calling out the ugly elements of our times, but it just doesn't seem to have any weight to it. Most embarrassing is "DD," where the Ig-ster sings of being "on his knees for those double d's." That kind of sexually simple crassness was sorta dynamic when the band was in their early 20s, ripped on junk, grass, and psychedelics - with Pop screaming about the cock in his pocket, but here it is tired, stupid, and unnecessary.

Iggy does try to add a bit of finesse with the acoustic guitar oriented songs like "Unfriendly World" and the (somewhat satisfying) final cut "The Departed." However they often just hit the brakes on an album that wants to be the long-awaited follow up to Kill City instead of any kind of major work. Face it, Iggy and the Stooges exploded out of Detroit all those years ago when music needed them. Now they offer nothing as grown men. Like the band's first reunion album The Weirdness, Ready to Die is to be avoided.
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