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Spacelab Weekend: Prefuse 73 Interview


By: Corey Tate
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May 3, 2013


Prefuse 73 clocks on electronic music, and what you get is an expectation of the unexpected. He combines folk, jazz, and Catalan with hip hop and experimental leanings. An endless innovator, Prefuse 73 always brings it with style and a beats-focused approach. He purposely stays off of computers in the creation of Prefuse 73 music to avoid all of the artificial trapping of sound and thought, focusing more on traditional hip hop blending of turntables and trying  to create unnatural time signatures.

By the time his third album Surrounded By Silence was released in 2005, he was fully on his way to becoming a force of his own with unique style. He has a new album called The Only She Chapters due out later this month. Check out an interview with Guillermo as he shares his history and plays his music.

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Spacelab Weekend: Prefuse 73 Interview

01 - Mountain In May (Intro) - A Cloud Mireya - Eastern Development
02 - Paz Suite 4 - Delarosa & Asora - Schematic
03 - One Second Early Late - Diamond Watch Wrists - Warp
04 - Onward Push Me Out - Diamond Watch Wrists - Warp
05 - Love You Bring - Prefuse 73 - Warp
06 - Perverted Undertone - Prefuse 73 - Warp
07 - Hide Ya Face - Prefuse 73 - Warp
08 - It’s Crowded - Prefuse 73 - Warp
09 - Creating Cyclical Headaches - Prefuse 73 - Warp
10 - Matrimonioids - Prefuse 73 - Warp
11 - Preparation Outro Version - Prefuse 73 - Warp
12 - Those Nights - A Cloud Mireya - Eastern Development
13 - No Community - Piano Overlord - Money Studies
14 - Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap - Prefuse 73 - Warp

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Artist: Prefuse 73
Album: Interviews and Performances
Media type: Red Bull Music Academy Radio

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