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Mission of Burma - “ADD in Unison” - Streaming Music

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May 6, 2013

Mission of Burma offer us a four minute episode of their post punk take on “ADD in Unision.” It’s a tight and conservative view of eighties proto punk updated for modern times ... it’s from the MoB album Unsound. Fans of the band will find plenty to like here, with all of the guitar noise and energy of east coast punk alive and well. I can see where the band Helmet drew some of their early influences. If you dig this, also try the song “Dust Devil” from the same album.

Their label, Fire Records said this about Unsound: “They still have a signature knack for twisting even the most ferocious noise into complex structures. There are, of course, those killer hooks scattered throughout, but just not quite where you would expect.”

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Big Data:
Album: Unsound
Recording Label: Fire Records
Media Type: SoundCloud
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