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Eluvium - “Nightmare Ending” - Streaming Music

Eluvium - “Nightmare Ending” - Streaming Music

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May 6, 2013

The always shifting Eluvium will release a new album on May 14 called Nightmare Ending, and it’s streaming right now as a full album from NPR Music. It's a project that's been in existence for a while now -- it was meant to be the follow up release to Copia, but instead it was put in the vault while Matthew Cooper a.k.a. Elvium cranked out Similies that was released in 2010. But Nightmare Ending never worked its way out of Cooper's consciousness, as he sought ways to reconnect to it. The album was meant to be an exercise in letting go of perfection, so maybe the high ideals of the album proved hard to live up to. As time went on though, Cooper found ways to reconnect.

The press materials give some clarity, saying "Cooper labeled each Nightmare Ending track as either a "dream," or an "imperfection" - a way of differentiating the philosophical concept of "dream vs. reality," couched in the more tangible technical distinctions of "flawless vs. flawed." With each progressive listen those differences naturally challenged themselves, and without relying on the standardized perfection protocol, Cooper became increasingly reluctant to release any of it."

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