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Listen to Sunglasses - “Blessing” - Streaming Music

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May 7, 2013

More great retro-fantastic sounds from Sunglasses. The indie pop band have an album called Wildlife out on Mush Records, and Blessing is a song from that album. Sunglasses take 60's pop and bring in an electro pop and indie pop influence to keep it safely out of the 60's dustbin. Throw in the experimentation of singer/instrument guy Samuel Cooper and DJ come sound designer Brady Keehn, and it's a Sunglasses song. If you're not singing along by the final triumphant chorus you're not even trying.

Their label Mush Records said that "Sunglasses weaves between sun-drenched, Smile-inspired vibes and extensive detours into the lands of sound collage, synth pop, and hip-hop," adding that "singer/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Cooper and sound designer Brady Keehn use everything from acoustic guitars to iPhones, seamlessly blending analogue with digital to immersive, psychedelic effect."

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