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The BitTorrent Bundle: Redefining The Album Release Into Something Bigger and Better

The BitTorrent Bundle: Redefining The Album Release Into Something Bigger and Better


By: Corey Tate
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May 8, 2013


BitTorrent is looking to be a big AND legit distribution platform, and their new BitTorrent Bundles are part of that. Instead of thinking in terms of just the traditional 1) release an album, 2) go on tour cycle that's plagued the music industry for so many years, they're thinking big in terms of empowering musicians and artists in packaging up a collection of items. This is what they're calling a BitTorrent Bundle.

"Welcome to the first media store by the people, for the people. BitTorrent Bundles is where you can access a world of content, direct from artists. Browse titles from some of our favorite creators. Unlock music and film exclusives. Play what you want. Pay what you want. This site is powered by you. Happy downloading, friends," reads the announcement from BitTorrent.

Check out the video below for more information. They'll walk you through the idea: releasing an album, a song or a whole series of goods like video, flyers or artwork, and music. Then they'll let you decide how it's unlocked. want to charge money for an unlock key? Go for it. Want to give away the key for an email address or Facebook Like? Go for it. Free? It's up to you.

The interesting part of it is that it does completely rethink the idea of an artist releasing just an album. The "release" can involve anything an challenges artists to get creative in offering up bundles of a number of items. There's already music up there from Death Grips, Kaskade, Pretty Lights, and more.

The offering from new school electro soul electronic music guy Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith) includes the following items to promote his upcoming album A Color Map Of The Sun on July 2nd. It includes:

- New Single - "Around the Block" feat. Talib Kweli
- Music Video - "Around the Block" feat. Talib Kweli
- New Video - "A Color Map of the Sun" Album Doc Trailer
- Live Video - "So Bright" Red Rocks 2012

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