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Spacelab Retrograde: Faith No More - Angel Dust - Full Album


By: Corey Tate
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May 9, 2013


Angel Dust ... The classic album that emerged after Faith No More's commercial breakthrough on The Real Thing found the band at a creative impasse during the time of its creation. Faced with the immense pressure that success can bring bands, the band decided to offer a clean slate in terms of creative process and reached in new directions for music and lyrics and the overall concept of what their music could be.

What emerged was an album that was not as commercially successful as The Real Thing, but a level above in being a creative success and songwriting breakthrough. Angel Dust became one of the most innovative and defining albums of the nineties, lauded by critics and enjoyed by generations of fans ever since.

They succeeded so much that nothing in music sounds like this ... it literally broke the band apart. They went on to create albums in the post-Angel Dust era but it was definitely the creative apex for the band. Faith No More in these days were REDEFINING the post-producer and post-Jane's Addiction sound in a post-punk new southern California vibe.

This is apparent from the opener "Land Of Sunshine." There's elements of the pre-existing FNM sound with the keyboards and big rock guitar riffs, but the songs had multiple personality disorder ( a good thing here), and moved into different directions, almost creating songs within songs. "Midlife Crisis" provided new school funk and rhythmic vibes, and was one of the commercially successful singles.

What defined Angel Dust was not the singles though, but the experiments that happened in the dark corners of the album. Turning back and forth from darkness to bright and sunny vistas, the album became a classic definition of a point in time. The darkness of tough economic times in the US during the early nineties emerged into stronger and brighter times as the nineties progressed. Music itself became more open to a wider range of influences and saw a heyday throughout the decade. Faith No More wrote the soundtrack for that.

Faith No More - Angel Dust

01 - Land of Sunshine 0:00
02 - Caffeine 3:44
03 - Midlife Crisis 8:12
04 - RV 12:35
05 - Smaller and Smaller 16:18
06 - Everything's Ruined 21:30
07 - Malpractice 26:04
08 - Kindergarten 30:06
09 - Be Aggressive 34:37
10 - A Small Victory 38:20
11 - Crack Hitler 43:22
12 - Jizzlober 47:58
13 - Midnight Cowboy 54:35

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Faith No More - Angel Dust

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