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Listen to Rogue Wave - “Siren's Song” - Streaming Music

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May 13, 2013

Rogue Wave's new album Nightingale Floors arrives next month, so check out their new "Siren's Song" from the new album. The band will start touring on June 12th,  playing dates with Caveman and Hey, Marseilles.

The album follows after the death of Zach Rogue's father, but rather than have the album be about dealing with the death Zach and band chose to use Nightingale Floors to look at the good things in life, instead of focusing on death.

“Everyone has drama in their life. Everyone’s experienced life and death and injury. Maybe us a little bit more, I don’t know. I’ve always joked with Pat: ‘Everything is trying to kill us, but we’re still here,’” said Zach about the band's intent. Check out more streaming music on the Spacelab Media Player.

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