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Jon Hopkins and Creators Project - “Immunity” - Video

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May 13, 2013

The new Jon Hopkins video for the song "Immunity" is a collaboration with the ever-collaborative, always innovative Creators Project. Rather than making it *epic,* they went in the other direction: microscopic. They used time-lapse photography to create videos of of crystal growth and chemical reactions, then strung them all together into one complete piece.

"Jon's music is organic and flowing, yet with a hard and rhythmic electronic edge. The idea of delving down to explore chemical interactions under a microscope felt like the perfect solve to create the album imagery and our video for The Creators Project features much of the same - various immiscible liquids, dyes and chemicals interacting underneath the watchful eye of my collaborator on the project, biochemist Linden Gledhill,” said art director & typographer Craig Ward Craig Ward. Check out more music videos on the Spacelab Media Player.

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