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PVT - “Homosapien” - Video

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May 15, 2013
Post-rock indietronica band PVT have a new video for the song "Homosapien," their third video with director Clemens Habicht. It use stop-motion to create a sense of weird timing. If you could animate glitch music with a video / film technique in the post-production process, this would be the way. The motion is quirky and disjointed, fitting the song perfectly. Director Clemens Habicht recalls this about the video:

"This is our third performance video together, our trilogy. The first was Window which was about experiencing being them on stage, then there was Vertigo, and now Homosapien. It is one of those complicated pvt tracks that would be impossible for anyone but them to play and what makes them such a great performance band, seeing them actually make this music live on real instruments. So the idea is to make anyone else improbably able to play it.

We roped in friends and supporters, those die hards who go to all the concerts, fans, partners, managers, faces from the first band incarnation, present collaborators, band photographers including Wilkie who shot this video, i'm in there and so is my dad, Laurence and Rich's long suffering mum, Dave's sommelier…

With stop motion we all appear to play like PVT. 'i'm someone just like you' “

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