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Spacelab Retrograde: Radiohead - Kid A - Full Album


By: Corey Tate
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May 16, 2013

One of the classics. At a time when music had become stale, indie rock didn't rock, electronic music was transforming from its 90s alter-ego known as techno into a million different variants and the new millennium was upon us, Kid A emerged.

It was the answer to everything. Indie rock reborn as something ambitious and risky, and new digital tools and ideas were boiling up into something quirky and chaotic and apocalyptic. It was the soundtrack for where were all headed in the new millennium. It combined electronic music and indie rock into a freaked out hybrid, which seems natural now, but Kid A was the first of its kind.

It was a seminal and seismic shift for Radiohead, who up until that time had been famous for big alternative sounds like "Creep" and "Fake Plastic Trees" ... good songs in their own right, but not the kind of sound the band carries today.

"Everything In Its Right Place" starts the album out on an ominous tone and sets the vibe for the whole album. It puts you on edge and keeps you that way. "The National Anthem" was huge sounding and by far the biggest and boldest song on the album. "Idioteque" was lively and upbeat, while time-shifting us to another place. Which is what Kid A has done ever since.

Radiohead - Kid A

1. Everything In Its Right Place (0:00)
2. Kid A (4:10)
3. The National Anthem (8:55)
4. How To Disappear Completely (14:45)
5. Treefingers (20:43)
6. Optimistic (24:25)
7. In Limbo (29:41)
8. Idioteque (33:13)

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Spacelab Retrograde: Radiohead - Kid A - Full Album

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