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Watch The National on David Letterman - Video


By: Spacelab Research Staff
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May 21, 2013


The National were on David Letterman last night, playing the song “Don’t Swallow the Cap.” Their new album Trouble Will Find Me is out this week and the band is reportedly looking to "possesses a directness, a coherency and an approachability."

“For the past ten years we’d been chasing something, wanting to prove something. And this chase was about trying to disprove our own insecurities. After touring High Violet, I think we felt like we’d finally gotten there. Now we could relax—not in terms of our own expectations but we didn’t have to prove our identity any longer,” said Matt Berninger about how things happened on Trouble Will Find Me.

The National played their MOMA show in New York earlier this month, playing the song "Sorrow" ongoing for six hours. Anyone who's been to a museum or art gathering is probably familiar with the idea of an art installation, which sometimes include video loops or audio loops. You come in, sometimes in the middle of the loop, and stay until you hit the point where you originally came in. Or you watch a number of times to gain the nuances of exhibit.

The National's gig at MOMA was like a live example of that idea. The gig was A Lot of Sorrow, by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, who commisioned The National to play as part of the exhibit. "By stretching a single pop song into a day-long tour de force the artist continues his explorations into the potential of repetitive performance to produce sculptural presence within sound," reads the MOMA website.

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