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Watch The Black Angels on Conan O'Brien - Video

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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May 21, 2013

The Black Angels were on Conan O'Brien last night, playing the song "Don't Play With Guns" off of their recently released album Indigo Meadow. It dives into some heady topics, including the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado from last year, although the song ironically was written in the days before the shooting. Which makes seem all that much more relevant -- the song is called "Don't Play With Guns."

"Our music has always tried to shed light on issues that may be hard to deal with or confront. If people think they can ignore the issues, they are wrong. Don't play with guns, don't touch a hot stove, don't give your child a poisonous snake, don't turn the cheek when artists are willing to discuss these issues," said singer/guitarist Alex Maas.

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Directed by: Conan O'Brien

The Black Angels

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