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Listen to Surfer Blood - Pythons - Streaming Music

Listen to Surfer Blood - Pythons - Streaming Music

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June 3, 2013

Surfer Blood dropped the bomb on their upcoming album Pythons earlier this year, and they'll release it next week. Check out a full album stream of Pythons from NPR Music, who says "Launched as a bedroom side project for Pitts, Surfer Blood has long since balanced its fussy, studio-bound side with rich full-band chemistry and songs whose hooks pop into your thoughts days later. At various times recalling , The Smiths and (the two bands have toured together, and Pythons producer Gil Norton helped both find a slick studio sound), Surfer Blood pours real craftsmanship into 10 songs that sound effortless, but surely weren't. "

Pythons was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen) in Los Angeles, and the music is indie pop with alternative influences. The song "Weird Shapes" (above) seems influenced by The Pixies.

"Surfer Blood is from West Palm Beach, Florida. They released their debut album ‘Astro Coast’ in January 2010. Prior to the release, they were on the road for months, and in 2010 their touring continued to take them all over the world playing festivals in Europe, Japan and Australia as well as at home," reads their label bio.

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