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Watch Gauntlet Hair - “Human Nature” - Video

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June 4, 2013

The new Gauntlet Hair video for "Human Nature" digs into city life with a look from morning to night. Directed by Ryan Ohm, the video is set in Chicago and is from the upcoming Gauntlet Hair album Stills, which arrives on July 16 via Dead Oceans.

"We wanted to create a darker piece, utilizing locations all over the city of Chicago. Together, I think we created an atmospheric, eerie film that leaves the viewer with a strange sense of uncertainty, not sure how to feel. As DIY oriented filmmakers we embraced the guerilla shooting style, venturing quickly from one location to the next, shooting on the subway on the sly, and digging the adventure the whole time," said Ryan Ohm.

Gauntlet Hair took to its older influences like Joy Division to get a darker more haunting sound on the album. A quick listen to the song “Human Nature” includes more echoey, gothic kind of touches, it sounds like it was recorded in a big, dark chamber of an old house. It’s not creepy, bad vibes though, more like mysterious and brooding.

The band recorded it during the dark and gray days of winter in Jacob Portrait’s (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) Portland studio aptly called “The Cave,” and the press release cites Gauntlet Hair’s affinity for “goth industrialists and post-punks” as a driver on this album’s sound.

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