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New Clark Remix Coming: Feast/Beast - Listen To A Preview


By: Corey Tate
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June 6, 2013


Clark is releasing a remix compilation on Sept. 16, curated by the man Chris Clark himself, and it features two discs of material weighing in at 28 songs. It will include Clark's remix of his song "Suns of Temper," you can check out the Bear Paw Kicks version above. Also in on the remixes: Bibio and Nathan Fake. The remix compilation will be called Feast/Beast.

“In some ways these remixes represent the range of music I have released over the 10 years in my albums. But they are more unhinged - there is more freedom involved when using other people’s material. And particularly when friends are involved, it can push you into electric new terrain.

I really enjoyed working with Alma Haser on the cover - I saw her work and instantly found it compelling, I couldn't peel my eyes off of it. I love the idea of exploding hands and eyes that spread out in macabre yet meticulous detail you can almost touch. Music has always been a tactile thing for me - fleshy, substantial. Alma's work perfectly matches that aesthetic.”

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Disc 1 - Feast
1 The Beige Lasers - Smoulderville (Clark Remix)
2 DM Stith - Braid of Voices (Clark Remix)
3 Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix)
4 Nathan Fake - Fentiger (Clark Remix)
5 Clark - Alice (Redux)
6 Kuedo - Glow (Clark Remix)
7 Barker and Baumecker - Spur (Clark Remix)
8 Silverman - CANTSTANDTHERAIN (Clark Remix)
9 Rone - Let's Go (Clark Remix)
10 Nils Frahm - Peter (Clark Rework)
11 Glen Velez - Untitled (Clark Remix)
12 Clark - Absence (Bibio Remix)
13 Clark - Ted (Bibio Remix)
14 Vampillia - Sea (Clark Remix)
15 Prince Myshkin - Cold Caby (Clark Remix)

Disc 2 - Beast (CD / DIGITAL)
1 Massive Attack - Red Light (Clark Remix)
2 Battles - My Machines (Clark Remix)
3 Letherette - D&T (Clark Remix)
4 Clark - Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix)
5 Aufgang - Dulceria (Clark Remix)
6 Maximo Park - Let's Get Clinical (Clark Remix)
7 The Terraformers - Evil Beast (People In The Way) (Clark Remix)
8 Clark - Suns Of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version)
9 Health - Die Slow (Clark Remix)
10 Depeche Mode - Freestate (Clark Remix)
11 Mr. Boggle - Siberian Hooty / Fallen Boy (Clark Remix)
12 Drvg Cvltvre - Hammersmashed (Clark Remix)
13 Milanese - Mr Bad News (Clark Remix)
14 Feynmann's Rainbow T- he Galactic Tusks (Clark Remix)


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