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New Kraftwerk Album Is Happening

New Kraftwerk Album Is Happening


By: Corey Tate
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June 12, 2013


Because the world needs more minimalist robot music, Kraftwerk have set their sights on creating a brand new album of music. The Guardian interviewed the band while on tour in Australia, and found the band talking about album number nine. Kraftwerk  have been working through new material behind the scenes while on tour, taking the idea of a mobile band studio with them on the road. “Nowadays basically Kraftwerk is a space lab: we can land anywhere as long as we have the projectors and the screens.” said Ralf Hütter. Kraftwerk and this very concept is part of why this web magazine is named Spacelab (props).

The new album will definitely be look forward into new territory though, not a rehashing of the past.

“Now this is done, one to eight, now we can concentrate on number nine,” he said, speaking to the idea of creating the band's ninth album. When asked to confirm that he meant a new album by the person doing the interview, Hütter said “Oh yes.” When asked about a timeline: “Of course. It’s music non-stop!”

So there's no rush to meet industry-set timelines or release schedules, which is probably a good thing and more a relic of how to create music in the last century than it is about how things to get done today. Kraftwerk have always been about the future, and that's when the new album will be released.

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