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Spacelab Weekend: Mount Kimbie Interview


By: Corey Tate
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June 14, 2013


Mount Kimbie ... Dominic Maker and Kai Campos came up on listening to indie and grunge music before translating that into a modern context that involves influences from dubstep, shoegaze, ambient, minimal techno and even R&B and hip hop. Their glitch and errortronica approach has coined the phrase"post-dubstep" as the duo keep innovating and redefining  their sound. Check out more from their latest album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Check out an interview with Mount Kimbie as they share their history and play their music + remixes. Check out more streaming music on the Spacelab Media Player, including these channels: Spacelab Weekend, Interviews.

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01 Before I Move Off (Intro) - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
02 Maybes - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
03 Maybes (James Blake Remix) - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
04 William - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
05 Sketch On Glass - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
06 Serged (FaltyDL Remix) - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
07 Basic Space - (Mount Kimbie Remix) The xx - Young Turks
08 Carbonated - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
09 Blind Night Errand - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
10 Mayor - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
11 Tunnelvision - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
12 Between Time - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
13 Field - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
14 Spanish Sahara - (Mount Kimbie Remix) Foals - Warner
15 Flux - Mount Kimbie - Hotflush
16 Made To Stray - Mount Kimbie - Warp

Spacelab Weekend: Mount Kimbie Interview


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Artist: Mount Kimbie
Album: Interviews and Performances
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