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Watch The Henry Rollins / Pharrell Williams ARTST TLK Interview - Video

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June 19, 2013

Henry Rollins gets interviewed by Pharrell Williams in his ARTST TLK talk series on The Reserve Channel. They talk about the great story behind Rollins' joining Black Flag based on an impromptu performance at a live show (and the band thought the he was better than their current singer), why Henry does spoken word performances, why he's always been straight-edge.

The Reserve Channel "provides once-in-a-lifetime access to some of the more extraordinary people and places life has to offer. Whether it's traveling to exotic locales, getting inside the studio with iconic artists, or cooking alongside culinary legends, Reserve Channel has you on the list. This is where the content appetite of the cultural creatives is satisfied." They're part of a new network of YouTube Channels, check them out at www.youtube.com/user/reservechannel

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